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After weeks of researching what was wrong with our competitors, and listening to their users, we included features that will directly improve customer experience.

Multiple uploads

Because you don't have the time to upload your pictures and videos one by one. Upload up to 10 pictures or videos at the same time.


User name Tag

Tag your friends and pets to let them know that you have uploaded a picture of them on twitter.

This is what your friends see when viewing your images.

4 photo columns

Efficient arrangement of your thumbnails. As opposed to scrolling down for each photo.


Tell you friends what you really think of them. The owner of the picture will get a @reply from you to notify.

Anonymous uploads

For those embarrassing photos. Also for the paranoid among us.

Video uploads

Sometimes a picture just isn't enough. Upload up to 50 Mb.

Mobile uploads

Send pictures and videos as attachments to a custom email address (under mobile) and it will magically appear in your account and in your twitter stream.



You can search through titles,user name tags and user names itself.


Thats not a feature, its a guarantee.

Sole emphasis on Twitter

We are not looking to become the next Flickr. Our sole aim to provide a reliable, easy to use media sharing service for Twitter users. You are our sole customer, not facebook users, but YOU, twitter users. We believe we can best serve you if we concentrate on you and you only. This is merely the Beta. We are planning on exciting features that will revolutionize the way pictures and videos are shared on Twitter. Follow @twitlens to stay updated.

If you want more features, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] and we will seriously consider it. We always listen to our customers. (Try getting an answer from our competitors).