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Frequently tweeted (asked) questions

What is TwitLens?

TWITLENS is a picture and video sharing service primarily for Twitter users.

Do I need an account to share photos on TwitLens?

No, you can simply login with in your Twitter username and password. Click here to sign up for Twitter.

Why TwitLens?

You can read about it more here at our blog. In a nut shell, we got fed up with the available options. We thought we could do it better and provide a service that isn't down most of the time.

Can I upload multiple pictures at once?

Absolutely! In fact its one of our unique features, which will surely be copied in a very short time. We heard many users complaining that it is taking too long to upload photos one by one, therefore we decided to let them upload 5 photos at once. More time for tweeting!


What is the Tag feature?

We noticed that many users were uploading pictures with other twitter users in it, but had no real way to notify them. Therefore we added the 'tag' feature, which lets you to tag your friends on twitter and they get notified.


The Tag feature seems awfully familiar. Did you guys steal it?

No, we are just borrowing it for the good of the mankind.

How can Tag feature be useful for tweetups (offline meeting of twitter users)?

Tweetups are the main reason we are rolling out tag feature. Tags allows tweetups to tag their fellow tweeters, and TWITLENS notifies them.

Can I upload pictures from my mobile?

Yes. You simply email it to your custom email address and it will magically appear on your updates. The subject line of your email will be your tweet.


Are you in talks to integrate TWITLENS with the major Twitter clients out there?

Yes. Well more like hoping they would integrate us. You can help us out greatly by asking your favorite client to integrate us into your clients.

Why videos?

If a picture is worth a thousands words, how many words do you think a video is worth? Thats why. Feel free to share videos of your tweetups and tag your fellow twitter users.

Can I share pictures and videos privately?

Absolutely! You can simply upload the picture as an anonymous users and share the url with friends and family. No one will ever know about, except you (And God).

How big can my videos be?

Videos can be no more than 50mb in size.

Why Beta?

This is just a preview. We envision a site that is lean and mean. We are planning on revolutionizing the way pictures and images are shared on twitter. Click here to follow our updates on Twitter.

Is TwitLens affiliated with Twitter?

We wish! But, no. We are not related to Twitter, we simply use their awesome API to let you easily share pictures and videos on twitter.

What is Tweet of the day?

Tweet of the day is basically a tweet about TWITLENS, and why you should use our service. We are hoping that eventually through re-tweets and word of mouth, TWITLENS will advertise itself. This way we can concentrate on providing our users with the best possible service.

Won't you make more money if you suck up to your advertisers and treat your users like crap?

Of course we would make more money, but we are not. We are following this very uncommon approach 'Treat your customers like family and only keep revenue as an after thought.' We are rebels like that, trying to do what no other Twitter based picture hosting service is doing right now.

Will TWITLENS be always free?

We will never force you to pay to keep using our service. You will never have to worry about losing your pictures and videos.

How can I help?

There are numerous way to help.

1. You can send us your comments, and suggestions here.
2. You can re-tweet 'Tweet of the day'.
3. You can tell your friends about us.
4. You can write a review about us.
5. You can ask your favorite client to integrate TWITLENS into your client.
6. You can tattoo our name on your forehead. We recommend you drink plenty of fluids before doing this.
7. You can shout our name from your rooftops. Remember to use sunscreen. Skin cancer kills!

How can I contact you?

You can follow us on twitter @twitlens or you can email us at [email protected] Feel free to send us your comments, suggestions, questions, rants and raves. (However please keep the contents of your lunch to yourself, we do that on Twitter.)

I run a Twitter based website. How can I contact you about a strategic alliance or a partnership?

Send us an email. We are always willing to help out a sibling site.

Do you love your users?

YES! We love them like our own babies (if we had any). We are committed to provide the best user experience on the net. We dare you to test us.

Will you do anything for your users?

Everything except foot massages and bubble baths. We draw the link at stinky feet.

Is TwitLens the first in a series of actions to take over the world?

Absolutely not! Even if it was, we wouldn't tell you. Note: We don't talk for Twitter.

Chuck Norris or Jack Bauer?

We like them both equally. Also we try and avoid taking sides on controversial topics such as this.

Are you a social media expert?

Dear God, NO.

If you still have any questions, feel free to send us an email or shout it from the rooftops, the sound waves should eventually reach us. We prefer email.