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TwitLens API

Use our API to upload and share multimedia on via desktop clients, websites, or other applications.


Accepts data as multipart/form-data. Transmit up to 10 files < 25MB each.

Input Fields

key Your unique API user key. Request one here: [email protected]
clientname Your service/business name. It will not be displayed anywhere on the site but is required for authorization.
fileN Media to upload where N is an integer 0 - 10. If the file extention doesn't match the file type, please be sure to set the appropriate content/mime type.
titleN Title for fileN where N is an integer 0 - 10 (optional)
tags comma separated list of key-words to attach to all files (optional)
toly flag to indicate you want us to generate a tiny url using (optional) - pass 1
Twitter related fields (must supply all 4 if you wish to tweet)
post flag to indicate you wish to tweet (pass 1)
twituser Twitter username
twitpass Twitter password
twitmessage Personal message to tweet. -note: link to 1st file will automatically be appended to this message

XML Response

<rsp status="STATUS">
      <error>unknown file type</error>
STATUS ok or error
POSTED yes or no
POST_ERROR error message describing failed tweet (if tweet failed)
processed list of successfully processed files (if any)
failed list of files that failed to upload properly and the file specific error (if any)
GENERAL_ERROR error message not specific to any file. ex: invalid key